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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Tao of Youth Engagement

You are starting to see, I am sure, this blog follows my life and work. That is a wonderful aspect of writing a blog you get to write what moves you or peaks your interest maybe it comes back to a central theme (like yoga) or maybe it just spins around the central theme of the author's passion. Given the fact that yoga is all about the interconnection of all things I should be able to connect whatever moves me back to the philosophy of Oneness.

I am beginning a new journey in my profession as I work with young people, the latest techniques in supporting youth call for Youth Engagement or a Youth Centered Approach. It is ironic this is an innovative approach essentially it simply means working with youth to identify and solve problems they are facing. The same approach has become popular in mainstream business through client-centered, population-centered or market-centered strategies. This is a very exciting sign that our culture is beginning to celebrate diversity. Here is a quote from the Tao that relates to this topic:

"If you overesteem great men
people become powerless.
If you overvalue possessions,
people begin to steal."

We must all be on guard for the tendency to place one group above another in terms of importance and/or respect. We see it with doctors towering above patients, teachers elevated above students, adults above children. These attitudes are divisive and they breed greed and resentment, unworthiness and dejection. Be present this day with your own preconceptions about others, notice your tendency to judge one human being over another. Is it not the very essence of yoga to seek the spark of Light that is at the heart of every human being. Look for it in yourself, be vigilant it is a noble and life-affirming process. Once discovered you will forever recognize that light in every other human being.

Let's hope we continue to move as a culture towards sharing the table with those we serve with authentic respect for one another.


Yogi Jayanta

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