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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mindfulness: Grounding Inequity

Yesterday's blog, The Tao of Youth Engagement eluded to the inequity of the doctor/patient relationship and how that can create unworthiness or perhaps it is a manifestation of the unworthiness deeply ingrained in our culture. We take such pride in book-learning to the point where simple reality goes unacknowledged. We all need to be mindful...

Teachers be mindful of the genius of every student.
Doctors be mindful of the perfect health at the heart of every patient.
Parents be mindful of the spark of brilliance in every child.

When a professional practices mindfulness, for example, in the medical setting both facilitator and patient are brought to equal ground. You may even describe the process of mindfulness as one of grounding. It is a grounding in consciousness, in awareness. It is the silent celebration of the present moment where thoughts are like clouds passing through a summer sky. These ripples in consciousness are not the object of the moment but a subtle hue in the glorious work of art that is NOW.

To give up, even for a moment, our attachment to higher and lower is relieving. To do it in a setting that has been laden with inequity is transforming. Let you day be one of celebrating simplicity. Imagine everyone you meet is perfect just the way they are and soon you will believe the same about yourself...and that is just a thought.


Yogi Jayanta

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  1. this is beautiful... and extremely relevant in today's yoga-scene.

    Thank you for sharing, and it's great to find a fellow yogi-nova scotian blogger!