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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning with the SUN

We have been enjoying some beautiful Spring weather after a long winter. Now is the time of year that we become suddenly motivated to clear and clean our environments. The same is happening on the inside and we carried that theme into a great yoga class yesterday. I have long recognized the connection between yoga, pranic healing and Reiki. During this time of year perhaps more than any other we can benefit from the cleansing practice of Kabalabati or fire-breathing as well as others.

The Fire Breath evokes the solar energy within the third chakra (abdomen) and then drives that energy upwards towards the top of the head. This process not only cleanses the respiratory system but also serves to clear toxins and impurities that are the residue of tension at the psychic level. The Fire Breath can be married with visualization and concentration to perform a type of Spring cleaning within the body.

Reiki, on the other hand, is similar but acts from the outside-in. Rei means "universal, cosmic or solar energy" Ki is the same as chi or prana and is the vital energy within and around the body. Reiki involves a deepened sense of receptivity of this cosmic energy so the individual can serve as a healing instrument of that energy. Both the healer and the one being treated are supported by this energy. While the Reiki initiations do seem to activate a more profound connection with this energy we all have access to this natural healing mechanism.

We will get more into this pranic healing process in our upcoming classes and on this blog. In the mean time enjoy the sun and allow yourself to tune a little more deeply into its life-giving power.


Yogi Jayanta

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