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Monday, January 18, 2010

Create Space in Your Busy Life

Hello All,

For many of us, life is full with work, family, hobbies and friends. Taken individually each are enriching and beautiful aspects of life but altogether it can feel overwhelming at times. It can feel like we have no space in our lives. Tension builds without even knowing it and we become rigid and fragile unable to bring the best of who we are to any of the many roles we play each day. Yoga and meditation help establish a spaciousness within ourselves that is perhaps the greatest gift we have that so often goes unacknowledged. With practice we become more patient, more compassionate, more sensitive and ultimately more joyful.

As you sit, simply be aware of your breath and trade the "thinking mind" for the "feeling mind". We pay the majority of our attention during the day to our thoughts and the emotions they generate. Paying more attention to the sensations in the body begins a subtle journey inwards. Allow the body to relax and the mind to become more and more concentrated. This practice is not about going anywhere but rather allowing everything in your moment to be just as it is. There is no substitute for regular practice, even though these tools are inherently simple they require practice to harness the tremendous value in your life. Find a yoga class or a meditation group or, if you have the self-discipline, practice on your own.

We will meet at Milo Boathouse tonight at 7 pm to receive the gift of space that we can then bring to the many elements of our life. Of course, yoga will also build strength, increase flexibility and improve your balance. I hope to see you there.


Yogi Jayanta

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