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Monday, November 23, 2009

Nourishment of Prana

Hello All,

As we gear up for our Sunday morning workshop (9-12 at Milo Boathouse) let's begin to deepen our understanding of the vital energy that is the bridge between mind and body. The prana that nourishes our bodies comes first and foremost from the sun, it is the source of energy that is available in the fruits, vegetables and grains that we eat. As you can imagine the prana from the sun is absorbed into the waters of the earth and the land itself. Naturally, if our sun releases prana then it would make sense that all stars release prana, this cummulative pranic source from all stars we will call Cosmic Prana. All nutrition that we receive has, at its origin, solar and cosmic prana. In addition to receiving prana through the foods we eat and the water we drink the breath is also a major source of prana. In other ages where the air was more purified it is said the prana from the air was enough to sustain life. There are many examples of yogis who lived by sunlight alone and one was tested by NASA for over 100 days with no food intake. This is simply to demonstrate the life-giving power of prana and should not be attempted.

Most of us don't realize our mind-body system is photosynthetic. There are many cells in the body that are photosensitive including in the pinneal gland which relates to the third eye. As near as I can tell science does not yet understand how these cells respond to sunlight or even how sunlight would get to those cells. It seems to me the photoreceptors on these cells are triggered by the flow of solar prana to that region of the body. Suffice to say, science acknowledges we have cells inside the body that are photosensitive with no understood mechanism to solar-effect them. Nature is the greatest teacher we have to understand the mystery of life, take a moment and look closely at a flower or tree and realize the role of the sun in the growth and sustainability of that organism. Now, reflect on your own mind-body organism and realize that your growth and sustainability is also closely rooted to the sun and the sacred vital energy you receive in the form of prana. Breathe as though you are being nourished and granted life with every breath because.....of course.....YOU ARE.


Yogi Jayanta

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