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Monday, November 16, 2009

Be Radiant

Hello All,

It occurred to me this morning as I got up from my meditation practice that I felt FULL. To sit in silent communion with your breath, with life itself, with the Universe, with your Beloved (there are an infinite number of ways to describe the infinite nature of reality) is to become full. The fullness may happen slowly over time or happen in a single moment but the effect is the same. It is always the same...GRATITUDE. Mind you, it is a different kind of sameness, it is a sameness that is never boring. It is a sameness that is always new, rejuvenating and energizing. When we are full then life becomes about sharing and giving and not about taking and getting. Fear is at the source of the getting and love is at the source of the giving. When we are full we can give without looking to see who is taking, we can become unconditional and radiant.

Take this moment to sit and still the body, take a very conscious, slow deep breath. Fill the lower part of your abdomen first and then right up through the chest. Feel as thought light were starting to leak out your pores. Take several more of these breaths and become radiant. As you walk imagine the people you see being touched by this radiance. Imagine the earth receiving the radiance through the soles of your feet. Imagine everyone you touch being touched by the unconditional being within. This is moving prayer, this is the ancient secret of the mystic.

We will come together and radiate at the Milo Boathouse at 7 may want to bring sunglasses.


Yogi Jayanta

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