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Monday, June 21, 2010

Spiraling Intentions

Hello All,

During our yoga class this weekend we did a bit of improvising and introduced a spiraling motion throughout our postures. Energy optimizes itself in the form of a spiral. As nature is supremely efficient we see this form taken in the organization of creative energy all around us. Trees, flowers and plants all unfold themselves as spirals. Entities as large as galaxies and as small as atoms feature spirals in their organization and growth. The devastating power of the tornado is a testament to the possibilities of the spiral. Our minds and bodies are no different.

We used the form of the spiral to achieve two intentions: 1) to expand the range and scope of our physical movement and exercise by rotating the body around a central axis in both directions; 2) at a more subtle level our concentration on the external form of the spiral would improve our ability to visualize and concentrate on the spiraling movement of chi or prana within the mind-body system. I don't know about the others but I certainly felt muscles and connective tissue activated in a deeper way using this technique.

The subject of this blog is not only to discuss the work we do in our Beloved Yoga + Meditation classes but to also seek to apply what we practice in our everyday lives. The spiral is at play all around us. You may have noticed yourself facing similar challenges in your relationships over and over again. The events of our lives seem (atleast to me) to revolve around certain core issues and over time we are able to face similar situations from new vantage points. Perhaps our ability to grow relates to our willingness to expand our frame of reference with each new exposure to these challenges.

As you move through your day look for opportunities to practice a more conscious and less reactive response to life swirling around you. Take a breath and appreciate the play of consciousness unfolding before you and then dive in!



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